On my first day at Atheneum my first impression was that they were interested in what I had to say. It wasn't "the teacher knows everything so “shut up and listen to me" it was more like "talk away". The curriculum is definitely, in my opinion, better than any other material used in other middle or high schools. You're actually getting to read the original text, stealing the real meaning from the direct translation of Aristotle, Plato, and Herodotus, just to name a few. Atheneum students don't just memorize names and dates; we learn the ideas of Alexander the Great what he was trying to do besides world domination. There are no cliques at Atheneum. Regular school alumni would leave a high school for good and probably talk about how boring their teacher was, unlike Atheneum ones. The Atheneum Alumni actually come back, teach, and do their own seminars.-new student 2006 School is a place where you are supposed to be educated. In all the current events that are happening right now in public schools, it is very hard to actually be educated. Public schools do not view your education as important. The teachers are basically information machines, and you are trying to remember as much as you can from them while trying to achieve a grade to get through life. At Atheneum School the teachers view your education almost as if it were theirs. In some cases, the teacher is like a students in the class. For example, when we have seminars, the teachers get in very deep with their ideas and share their thoughts. Atheneum teachers are also experienced in a variety of subjects rather than regular public school teachers that are only experienced in one or two subjects. This also means it is easier to ask for help. Another difference that sets Atheneum apart from other schools is the readings used in the classes. Athenuem uses readings that go beyond a person's level of reading. They use original texts, if not, the closest thing to them, and do not use the watered down textbooks such as the public schools do. The teachers at Atheneum want you to actually understand the text while getting the facts down at the same time, and they want you to try to get the deepest understanding of it. Public schools only want you to get the facts down, with no real understanding of the texts. When it comes to testing, Atheneum's tests test you to see if you know the facts and have the real understanding, and even ask for your own opinions. In an Atheneum test, the grades are not the most important thing such as they are to public schools. As I said before, it is your knowledge that matters most. Atheneum's teaching prepares you for future life. The thoughts and ideas that go around Atheneum are an unforgettable experience. The ideas will get carried on for twenty years, or maybe even until your death. Your thinking will be stronger and you will be ready top face any challenge. -Banky, 2nd yr student 2006 "At our interview with Atheneum School, I felt welcomed and noticed that they treated my mother and I with respect and understanding. In public school you don't get the respect that you need to insure you undivided attention like you do at Atheneum. The most dramatic difference I noticed right away is the one on one help you get, not only from the teachers, but also from the students. The other big change I noticed right away was that you don't need to try to fit in with people, you actually get to be yourself!" -Ashley, new student 2006 "Through this socializatiuon, I found Atheneum to be a small, thoughtful community with an almost universal desire to learn (a desire rarely found in my public schools) yet nearly all the social diversity of a larger school, only on a smaller scale." -Stephen, new student 2006 My earliest memory associated with Atheneum occurred in the first quarter of the 2001/2001 school year, when I had been attending Atheneum for only a couple of weeks, on September 11th, to be precise. I left for school that morning in an almost normal fashion, my mother having told me very little about what had occurred. At approximately the time school to start, we brought out chairs and set them up in a seminar circle. The teachers talked a little while about the attacks, then handed out three readings. One was a selection of the Koran. Another was a piece on nonviolence by Gandhi. The third was an interview from some time before 9-11 with Osama Bin Laden. We read them as a group; coached them as a school. It was the only time I remember that we have done that, and there were over sixty of us. After the coaching of the readings, there was a seminar. What a seminar! It lasted all day, literally, but it didn't seem like all day. It was the most intense seminar I have been in,and this is my fifth year at Atheneum. It was so intense it was frightening, as sixty-some people, probably some of the most serious thinkers in Anchorage, tried together to make sense of the terrorists' actions in light of our readings. This event, I believe, is a wonderful illustration of what sets Atheneum apart. Yes, we're philosophical, but we also look at the world around us. We look at issues from as many angles as possible. And things which in general provoke only anger, such as the 9-11 attacks, are more likely at Atheneum to provoke thought. -Katrina , class of '06
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