Man vs. Nature

By Chris Carson

The fake animals are not a good idea. They are making nature look like a child’s playpen. All that the fake animals do is serve as a toy for kids to climb on and older people to stand next to and take a fake photograph of a fake animal. Why is nature portrayed as kid stuff, should it be that way? Kids are taught from a young age about animals and how the animals act. Animals are used a lot in books and in story telling but most of the time, when they are used; they are always portrayed as cute, fuzzy, friendly and human loving animals when they are really not. When have you ever seen a bear that is wild and has not been humanized ever be friendly to a person? This goes for about every animal that is truly wild, these truly wild animals are becoming less wild because of too much human interaction from people feeding them and trying to make them their pets. When you go to the parks in big cities the small animals come up to you looking at you and waiting because they know that humans are suppose to give them food. This is becoming more of a problem in most small boat harbors: the sea gulls, eagles and a lot of the other sea birds are becoming more dependent on the scraps of food that are leftover by the fishermen when they clean their day’s catch. The people that work on the harbor are trying to fix this problem by putting up nets around the boxes that hold the fish carcasses so that the birds cannot get into the boxes; they also put in sprinklers that will spray the birds with water when they get too close to the boxes. This is stopping there being too many human dependant birds but nevertheless there still are a lot of birds there. These birds are getting into everything, the crows and ravens love to get into garbage bags and pull out everything in them. All these birds are slowly forgetting how to find food for themselves in the wilderness, finding food in nature is slowly being washed out because the birds are showing their young how to get food in the small boat harbor instead of finding it out in the wilderness.
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