A Changing World

by Mary Ryan

Today many safety nets have been put in place in an attempt to prevent the injustices that took place during the Oklahoma dustbowl. For instance, we are guaranteed a minimum wage, unemployment benefits, WIC (women, infants and children food nutrition program), Denali Kid Care (health care for children of poor families), a federal welfare program and many other public and government sponsored assistance programs for people in need. We don’t want to become complacent in our attitudes towards those in need. We must be ever diligent and continue to strive to make our country and world ever better for mankind. Steinbeck gave us a glimpse of our own inhumanity. He showed us that the struggle of life for a family simply trying to live was heartbreakingly desperate. Where did they find hope? How did they continue? Was there no choice? The “Grapes of Wrath” turns its reader into an activist for human rights. Every member of our human community deserves clean water, food, housing, clothing, medicine and education. In times of need the only moral and ethical choice we have is to share whatever there is. In times of abundance, the only moral and ethical choice is to ensure that no one is thirsty, hungry, unclothed, homeless, sick or uneducated. Those who have, in a materialistic society, always want more but it is important that they are constantly reminded of their responsibility to those who do not have. They are responsible for their neighbors in need as well as for those who are far away. Knowledge of need brings about an obligation to help, to try to bring an end to suffering. We are all in this world together.
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