Marie Craig

Atheneum School sent me into a future that was more than I bargained for. After my graduation from the program in 2000, I found myself learning Greek in Crete, studying the Great Books at St. John's College in Santa Fe, teaching literature and math at a Quaker Boarding School in Ohio, and teaching subjects that range from Keats to Compost Piles in Uganda. I learned at Atheneum that I could succeed in many fields, as the faculty excited me equally about the study of novels and the dissection of a pig. I insisted to my math teacher that I could never do calculus, and he showed me that I was wrong. This led me to risk foolishness on many occasions, whether that meant opening a Crepe Stand for a summer job or or traveling to Uganda to teach students my age. Atheneum taught me the strength of my own voice. When I spoke out in class, teachers and fellow students responded with care and interest. My teachers often encouraged me to write down my thoughts, a practice I maintain to this day. I felt trusted to probe an issue or question with depth and care, and so I learned to trust myself. The largest gift Atheneum gave me was a love of learning. I approach my life with eagerness even in tough times, because I know I have the opportunity to learn something new. I see challenges as opportunities to understand life a little more. I can learn in or outside of the classroom. Atheneum has not made my life easier, for it forced me to examine my decisions and my life. It has, however, made my life better. Wherever my life takes me, I will never forget my first true educational experience at ACS.
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